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Being able to set the ambient scent in your home to suit your needs and desires day after day is such a pleasure! Smell is one of our more sensitive and delicate senses. Its impact on our daily life is grossly underestimated. Disperse a little Ebony fragrance in your living room and you will immediately start relaxing before you even notice it. Use our Anti-Odour Aro-Neutralizer in your kitchen and kiss unpleasant cooking odours goodbye. Mist our elegant Orange Bergamot in your dining room and its fruity aroma will awaken your taste buds before every meal.

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Aromaestro will also open the doors of aromatherapy for you to enjoy the benefits of our essential oils, blending their complementary therapeutic properties together. For example, you can opt for our Calming Synergy in your bedroom to help you fall asleep, or our Expectorant Synergy to ease respiratory problems. And why not turn to our Anti-Mosquito Aro-neutralizer as a natural way to disperse insects, a harmless and eco-friendly solution?

To help you enjoy all the benefits of their ambient scenting formulas, Aromaestro has developed diffusers of unparallelled precision, combining a unique nebulization head with the world’s first 100% web-controlled management software. Get your diffuser today or change fragrances each month to suit your taste, thanks to our rental packages available soon!

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A vast selection of fragrances

A vast selection of fragrances

Find olfactory love among our range of exceptional fragrances: Discover the Citrus, Woody, Floral, Fruity, Herbal and Signature aroma families. Journey into the Aromaestro universe!

Aromatherapy at home

Combined with essential oils, your Aromaestro solution opens the doors of aromatherapy. Soothing or stimulating, they can improve your wellbeing, naturally: Soothing Synergy, Calming Synergy, Energizing Synergy, Expectorant Synergy et Stimulant Synergy.


A range of essential utility products, specially designed to neutralize unpleasant smells, repel mosquitoes and fight bacteria.